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Brewing in the traditional way

The brewery at Fischingen Abbey has been producing its own beer for about two years. The green and amber glass bottles for it are made at the Vetropack plants in Croatia, Austria and Switzerland.

[more...] 13.06.2016

Red with a sparkle

Novy Svet, a well-known sparkling wine, which previously produced at the Crimean Peninsula, has appeared in a brand new look, featuring olive-coloured bottles made by the glass specialists at Vetropack Gostomel.

[more...] 31.05.2016

Healthy products in healthy packaging

Vetropack Austria manufactures glass bottles for Kloster Kitchen’s ginger-based drink IngwerTRINK and for the fruit juices and smoothies produced by SanLucar. These refreshing beverages are packaged in healthy containers that preserve their exquisite flavour and valuable ingredients.


[more...] 19.05.2016

A showstopper in glass

Croatia’s biggest spice producer, Šafram, packages its spices in glass containers made by Vetropack Straža.

[more...] 10.05.2016

White wine from Italy

The family-owned company Sartarelli bottles its white wines in cuvée-coloured glass bottles from Vetropack Italia. The grapes for these wines are grown in the winery’s oldest vineyards.

[more...] 25.04.2016

Modern Swiss design

The new packaging design for the refreshing Rivella drinks is inspired by both the long-standing tradition of the brand and a reinterpretation of modern Switzerland. The 0.33 litre glass bottles are produced specifically for the catering industry.

[more...] 18.04.2016

Vetropack Gostomel - the winner of the Ukrainian packaging contest 2016

Vetropak Gostomel won the contest "Ukrainian packaging star 2016" with a bottle for TM "Myakush." In 2016 the Club of Packers held a national competition for the best packaging for the eighteenth time, and Gostomel glass factory won its twelfth "star".

[more...] 07.04.2016

Vetropack Gostomel - 10 years in the Vetropack Group

In March 2016 JSC "Vetropack Gostomel Glass Factory" celebrated the first 10 years jubilee, as a part of the European group of glass producers – the Vetropack group. This event is significant. During these years the factory was completely modernized, and the products are met all international standards. As the confirmation of this, the company gained the international Certificate for compliance with the Food Safety Standard ISO 22000 at the end of last year.


Brewing in the traditional way
Red with a sparkle
Healthy products in healthy packaging
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